Technology Solutions From Global Leaders

Equipment & Spares Group

Alufase, Spain

Alufase offers top quality quick erectable aluminum scaffolding. The company is a global leader in designing and manufacturing standard & custom made aluminum towers, scaffolding for power station boilers, buildings, bridges, tanks, chimneys and everywhere else where quick access is required.

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FTL Seals Technology Ltd., UK

FTL Technology is involved in the design and manufacture of sealing solutions for the power and process industry. FTL’s RodasRam™ is a patented cylinder, designed to replace the existing hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders currently in use on Babcock ‘E’ type mills

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N. V. Sky Climber Europe S.A., Belgium

Sky Climber is the industry leader in designing and manufacturing of standard and custom made suspended powered access systems for use in power station boilers, chimneys, elevators industry (false car), bridges, storage tanks, ships, windmills, high rise buildings and virtually anywhere where access is required with no height limit.

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Pall Corporation, USA

PALL is the world’s leading fluid management company. It has been partnering with customers for over 60 years by offering solutions for contamination, separation and purification problems. This has helped improved fluid quality across industries.

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