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At Hi-Tech Customer Care, we train our associates to distinguish between 4 stages of customer service.

Customer Satisfaction - making sure that the products / services perform as committed.
Customer Care - doing a little extra for our customers, making sure they get what they want and get the best out of it.
Customer Delight - a mixture of joy and pleasant surprise, it happens when our customers are simply overwhelmed by their experience.
Customer Loyalty - the domain of the fans. When customers realize that the way we care for them is not just a one-off experience, we know that we have got a fan for life.

The 2 things we do to turn our customers into our fans:

Our customers don't just get great products or services, they pick up on a powerful energy as well. They see the "WE" beyond the products and services.
We simply do not treat our customers as a source of revenue. What we deliver far exceeds what they pay for and expect.

What is great about having fans rather than customers is that we no longer need to sell or market to them. Our valued customers eagerly await our next solution even before we have created it.