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Transmission & Distribution Group

A Comprehensive Solution Provider

FLIR Systems, Inc, USA

FLIR Systems, Inc., is the world leader in designing, developing and manufacturing state of the art Infrared Thermal Imaging, ThermoVision Cameras, having plethora of products which caters to variety of application areas covering.

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Jean Muller, Germany

Jean Muller has a diverse product portfolio comprising of fuse links, low voltage switchgear, switchgear combinations, power distribution components, electronic monitoring and energy management systems.

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Megger Ltd. UK & US

Megger has been the premier provider of electric test and measuring instruments for electrical power applications. Megger provides testing solutions in the most critical maintenance areas of locating cable fault, protective relay testing and power quality testing.

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Tower Solutions inc., Canada

Tower Solutions specialises in Transmission Modular Restoration Towers used for emergency restoration (ERS) of high voltage transmission lines up to 765 KV. The towers can be erected very quickly, enabling rapid restoration of power following damage to power lines or transmission towers.

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