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Marketing & Sales

We consider our customers and business associates to be our partners in growth. Our strength lies in the knowledge base that we have built up over the years and this is the reason why our partners expect and demand more from us.



Engineering Services

This vertical provides repair, calibration, testing, project management and maintenance services for electrical test and measuring equipment. The centre is ISO 9001 certified. Hi-Tech also operates the authorized service centre for Megger Ltd., UK and USA.



The unit manufactures high pressure level gauges, water columns, instruments and pressure parts for boiler applications. The unit is ISO 9001 certified and IBR approved.



Hi-Tech provides capital equipment on lease to utilities. Some of the equipment that have been given on lease include power transformers, meters, level instruments, portable gen-sets and other power plant equipment.


Clean Power Generation

As India looks toward a source of affordable and clean energy, wind power is one of the most important renewable resources that is being tapped. India currently has the fifth-largest installed wind power capacity in the world.

We generate clean power through wind turbine generators and distribute it through the national grid. Our wind turbine units have been registered and validated for carbon credits.